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Banking & Finance

Austrian and international financial institutions and corporates appreciate the practical approach of the Binder Grösswang Banking & Finance team. Our clients benefit especially from the specific expertise and the flexibility of our team members in case of complex transactions or those that need to be completed under great time pressure. In addition, our experts have many years of experience in all areas of supervisory law.


Loans and syndicated loans, acquisition finance, real estate finance, project financing and public-private partnerships, securitization transactions and factoring, structured finance and finance leasing, equipment and aircraft financing, cash pooling, restructuring and insolvency, derivatives, banking supervisory law, investment funds, insurance supervision law.


National and international financial institutions and corporates


Finance: Stefan Tiefenthaler, Emanuel Welten, Tibor Fabian, Stephan Heckenthaler

Insolvency and restructuring: Tibor Fabian, Emanuel Welten

Supervisory law: Michael Binder, Tibor Fabian, Stephan Heckenthaler

Investment funds: Michael Binder

Derivatives: Tibor Fabian

Banking Regulation: Jurisdictional Comparisons

Banking Regulation: Jurisdictional Comparisons

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