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Bilanz und Haftung

Bilanz und Haftung

Binder Grösswang partners Stefan Albiez and Christian Wimpissinger, together with Matthias Petutschnig, are the editors of the new manual "Bilanz und Haftung", published by Verlag Österreich. The manual elucidates liability issues in connection with balance sheets from the perspectives of criminal law, company law and tax law, focussing in particular on the following subjects:

  • Relevant provisions of the Austrian Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch, StGB)
  • Liability of the management and the supervisory board
  • Aspects relating to the auditor’s opinion
  • Legal possibilities and consequences of changes in the balance sheet
  • Issues relating to financial criminal law

In this work, well-known authors from a variety of fields – legal practice, administration, and academia – have successfully combined practical relevance with high academic quality.

The following Binder Grösswang staff members also contributed to the book: Claudia Fochtmann (attorney at law), Thomas Hartl (attorney at law), Christian Zwick (attorney at law), Alexander Hiermann (associate) und Barbara Gangl (associate).



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