Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability concerns us all.

That is why we too want to reduce our ecological footprint. By switching to renewable raw materials and using resources sparingly, we want to make our contribution to the environment.


Responsible Business Practices

Binder Grösswang is a member of the CSR platform respACT, Austria’s leading platform for companies committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development. The council supports more than 400 member companies in achieving ecological and social objectives economically and responsibly.

Working sustainably and progressively is important for all enterprises. For this reason, we at Binder Grösswang attach high importance to innovation sustained by an appreciation of diversity and promote an atmosphere of togetherness in which our staff members are encouraged to contribute their unique experiences, perspectives and knowledge to our everyday work ‒ because innovation functions best in a diverse working environment.

respACT acts as a hub for companies, policy makers and public administration committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. As a member of respACT, Binder Grösswang has access to a dynamic community of interests that offers possibilities for cooperation with other members. The platform serves as a national network for exchanging ideas, developing innovative solutions and creating synergies, in order to bring about sustainable entrepreneurial change.

Sustainable advice

Sustainability is important to us - which is why we are proud to count companies that create sustainable value among our clients.

Binder Grösswang has already advised on sustainability-related (ESG) financing on several occasions. Most recently, for example, in the financing of a sustainable syndicated loan for one of the leading energy supply companies in Austria, KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft (KELAG), or for Wienerberger AG, a leading supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions. Financing is provided through a sustainability-linked credit facility agreement, under which the interest rate is linked to an environmental social governance (ESG) rating for the company. The environmental provisions are taken into account and implemented in the credit agreements in accordance with the guidelines of the Loan Market Association (LMA).

VERBUND AG has also been supported by Binder Grösswang in the implementation of green financial innovations on several occasions. Following the issue of the first Green Bond in 2014 and the world's first digital green borrower's note in spring 2018, we were also able to advise the innovative company on the placement of the world's first syndicated loan evaluated according to sustainability criteria.

Binder Grösswang advised various banks on the financing of the construction and operation of various wind farms, which will sustainably promote and expand the supply of green electricity to the regions.



Culture token app

Binder Grösswang is supporting a digital pilot and research project by the City of Vienna to reward climate-friendly behaviour in a playful setting. Anyone who uses the newly developed culture token app on foot, by public transport or by bike collects tokens that can be exchanged for tickets to cultural events. Using motion tracking, the app actively measures the distances covered and automatically recognizes how you are travelling. Using data from the Ministry of the Environment, the app then calculates the individual CO2 savings compared to a conventional car trip.

Binder Grösswang is coordinating the legal side of the project in a research cooperation with the City of Vienna, combining the legal expertise of several university institutes and specialized law firms.


Binder Grösswang is aware of its social and ecological responsibility and is increasingly taking steps to reduce the firm's ecological footprint.

Our lawyers cover short distances in the city centre on foot or by bicycle. The firm's own e-bikes are always available for this purpose  and are gladly used.



Waste Management

We have developed a waste management concept for the avoidance and separation of waste. Waste avoidance: Reusable containers instead of disposable bottles, no cans, commissioning of environmentally friendly packaging sizes and types.

To monitor and maintain our standards, we have implemented an effective system with a trained staff member who takes care of the professional disposal of the various materials and is responsible for identifying waste avoidance potential.  

Electricity and gas

Since January 2020, Binder Grösswang has been purchasing electricity from Verbund from 100% renewable hydropower in Austria. In addition, BG purchases climate-friendly gas. The resulting emissions are compensated by investments in clean energy generation.

All appliances in each floor are disconnected from the electric power supply at night, according to the office's instructions. Also, refrigerators. This way we avoid Co2-consuming standby options.




Climate and environmental protection concerns us all. Binder Grösswang's switch to 100% renewable energy was an important step, but we also succeed in conserving resources in our daily business: Both our printing paper and our hygienic paper carry the FSC seal of approval, which guarantees that they come from sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible forestry.