In 2015 we launched the programme WE CARE in order to help people in need. Through hands-on activities, monetary donations and donations in kind, we regularly support various projects suggested by staff members.


Binder Grösswang Supports Development of Crisis Management App Novid20 Pro Bono

In the battle against the extremely rapid spread of the Corona virus, a team of experts is working intensively on the development of an automated Corona warning system in the form of a smartphone app. The technology platform Novid20 is conceived to slow down the infection rate of the Covid-19 virus by notifying app users of risk zones.

This is one of the leading private initiatives in this field. The non-profit association “NOVID20 – Technologieplattform zum Krisenmanagement” (NOVID20 – Technology Platform for Crisis Management), currently being established, is supported by the physician Franz Wiesbauer, numerous app developers, scientists, and legal experts, as well as data-protection and technology companies.

“AIAS Innsbruck – Verein zur Registrierung von Stammzellenspenden”: Stem Cell Donor Registration in Austria

Every day, three people in Austria are diagnosed with leukaemia. Two out of ten leukaemia patients lose their lives because no suitable stem cell donor can be found. For this reason, the non-profit student initiative “AIAS – Studierende gegen Blutkrebs” (AIAS – Students Against Leukaemia), begun in Germany, organizes registration campaigns to gain potential stem cell donors.

In cooperation with the Austrian Red Cross and the Austrian National Union of Students, psychology students have brought this initiative to Austria, the objective being to ensure that more stem cell donors are typed in this country as well.

CAPE 10 House of Future and Innovation

„CAPE 10- House of the Future and Social Innovation“

Binder Grösswang supported the project “CAPE 10 – Haus der Zukunft und sozialen Innovation”, a future medical treatment centre for homeless and socially disadvantaged people, initiated by the well-known Viennese doctor Siegfried Meryn. The team of lead partner Emanuel Welten and Florian Khol advised on the financing of the project, particularly in connection with the creation of a social impact hybrid bond intended to get the non-profit foundation up and running. This financial instrument is a new, innovative financing model that is being used in Austria in connection with a double-digit million euro project for the first time. Since February 2021, the construction of the care centre has been completed and the first tenants can move in. 

Support to MOMO, Vienna’s mobile hospice and palliative team for children – a matter truly close to the heart of BINDER GRÖSSWANG

Being diagnosed with a life-limiting disease is traumatising for a child and it impacts the entire family. Since its inception in March 2013 the MOMO team has provided extensive care to more than 200 critically ill children and their families at their homes. Help is tailored to the needs of each family, depending on the care required. If required, MOMO supports affected families from the moment of diagnosis, for weeks, months or even for many years, until the children pass away, and beyond.

MOMO Mobile Children Hospice

Canisibus Food Buses

Binder Grösswang Once Again Supports Canisibus Food Buses 

Binder Grösswang has actively supported the team of the Canisibus food busses several times. Canisibus is an institution run by Caritas. 

Every evening, 365 days a year, the Canisibus buses provide homeless persons with hot soup and bread. Up to 450 persons are served daily along the buses’ two regular routes.  

Binder Grösswang cooks for Gruft Again

Also in 2018 Binder Grösswang will cook for the Gruft, a charitable institution run by Caritas, which provides homeless persons in Vienna with food, clothing, etc. free of charge. The basic principle behind "cooking for the Gruft" is simple. The ingredients are purchased beforehand and brought along to the Gruft, where the meal is prepared in the well-equipped kitchen. Every year, around 150 cooking groups actively support Caritas in this way; Binder Grösswang has participated in this project several times.

BINDER GRÖSSWANG Cooks for the Gruft Again

Stiftung Kindertraum 2017

Stiftung Kindertraum 2017

2017 we have supported the “Stiftung Kindertraum” foundation through our WE CARE program. The object of the foundation is to fulfil special wishes of children and young people with disabilities or serious illnesses and thereby sustainably improve their quality of life. Stiftung Kindertraum receives new requests almost daily. These range from abstract dreams to costly therapies or special equipment.